If you have read my book, you will know that I constantly compare boxing to business! There will be times as an entrepreneur when you back is up against the ropes, you feel completely gassed, when the voices from guys in your corner go completely muffled and you can’t see a way out of the remaining rounds of this fight!

You may have seen my article recently about facing burnout and the lessons that I learned through the process. Over the last few months, I have paid a lot of attention to burnout, mine as well as others. I have studied the stages of it in the hope that I can walk other entrepreneurs through these defined stages and help then step back into greatness again. Here are three strategies that you

Here are three strategies that you can apply today to get your head back in the fight again!

Keep It Simple Stupid

The principle of K.I.S.S is one that we apply in business, design, and strategy over and over again. As human beings, we like to overcomplicate our lives, our services, our businesses.  The reality is that when we are facing burnout, very often we can become paralyzed by the idea of the journey back from being stuck and demotivated. I have found through my own experience as well as through working with other entrepreneurs, that our overly full lives can often hinder our ability to clearly see and map the road ahead.

While some need a retreat or shutdown in order to reboot, others may need to declutter. This can involve a spring clean of physical things or even people. For me, I needed to carve out some time to heal and this involved getting rid of unnecessary expenses first. I needed to lower the pressure on myself to earn in order to buy back that time. The other big thing for me, was to look at where I was spending too much time that wasn’t beneficial to my health and cut that too. It came down to my car. It was costing me a good R9000 a month in installments, insurance, parking bay rentals and petrol. It was also costing me a good two hours

It came down to my car. It was costing me a good R9000 a month in installments, insurance, parking bay rentals and petrol. It was also costing me a good two hours of travel time a day, where I could not focus on anything else but the road.  I sold it! it has been a full month of using Uber exclusively and not only am I saving a good R5000 a month but I have bought back time. I now spend my Uber trips either having a really interesting and inspiring conversation or replying to much-needed emails. It has been a huge move in the right direction.

Back Yourself 

For me, my burnout came from overworking, but it also came from spending too much time on things that no longer set my soul on fire. They did at one stage of course! I have always been an advocate of finding your passion and turning it into a business. What I have come to understand as I have gotten a little older and wiser, is that, my interests and passions change over time- and that’ okay! Regardless of it being a viable business, my marketing agency no longer set my soul on fire. It was time to move on. This could mean different things for different people. I could choose to appoint a new MD and take a step back, I could sell the business or I could shut it down. Regardless of the decision, the most important part of this process was to trust and back myself and my decisions.

Rest but don’t quit.

Often when entrepreneurs are faced with failure, exhaustion or burn-out, we can allow this setback to consume us and before we know it, we are in a deep dark tunnel of self-doubt and pity. Staying there for too long can leave us wanting to throw in the towel.  Success in boxing and in business is 90% a mental game and those with a strong game in this department are able to push through physical or emotional discomfort into success. We will feel like failures many times in life and business, but keep reminding yourself that the only time you have actually failed is when you quit completely. Learn to rest when you’re tired, to take time out when you need it, but don’t allow yourself to quit completely.