A strong personal brand can boost your online standing and create more opportunities for your business in the long run. There are certain steps you should be taking in order to create a powerful personal brand online — one that will attract and engage the right audience and cause them to follow you wherever you go.

Would you like to learn how to take what you have and create an amazing presence? If so, take a look at these seven important steps to amass an army of potential and build your business by uplifting your brand.

1. Define who you are.

All successful personal brands have a definition. When someone finds your definition, there’s no question about who you are or what you do. But defining who you are is not only for your audience, it is also for your own personal use. If you don’t understand what you’re here to do, you will begin to see your brand flounder and perish due to a lack of understanding.

This has an impact on determining whether people will be intrigued when they come across your story. This is your chance to make an impression, so make sure you create a large dent when you get the chance.

2. Own your own name.

Owning your name in a URL is a powerful option that you have at your disposal. Doing this allows you to control your image and the way people perceive you.

Your website (www.YourName.com) could be all about you or what you love to do. It could be focused on your life and your thoughts, or simply be the platform from which you spread your message. It’s your choice. But either way, own your name so that you can determine what is done with it later down the road.


3. Have a powerful content marketing strategy and become an expert

Start a posting schedule on your blog, coupled with a guest posting strategy on other influential blogs as well. Throw in a video or three every month and continue the process of helping solve the problems your audience has. You will begin to see your content marketing strategy pay off.

Figure out what your audience needs and make sure your niche down. If you’re trying to find clients in the social media industry, you may discover that this is a pretty crowded niche.

To combat this, figure out which social network you love the most and are the best at. Let’s say it’s Pinterest. Niche down even further to Pinterest advertising. Now you have a narrow niche that can provide you with targeted traffic looking to you as an expert in that particular field.

From there, simply make yourself an expert by continually doing your homework on the platform. When you do, you will understand what people have trouble with and can answer those frequently asked questions later.

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