What is your blog about? 
This is a really difficult one to answer because saying that it’s a little bit of everything doesn’t really put it in a niche.  But essentially our blog is about our daily lives – the struggles, the joys and the downright awful.  We share a lot about parenting, general lifestyle (food, beauty etc) and will be sharing a lot more about travel as we head out on a roadtrip for a year with our family in a campervan.
Do you earn your loving from blogging? If not what do you do for a living? If you are monetizing your blog, what have you found as the number one key to making money blogging
I do not earn my living from my blog.  Weirdly enough, I actually co-own an insurance brokerage based in Cape Town but with branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Jeffrey’s Bay – it’s called Incompass Insurance Consultants (www.incompass-insurance.co.za).  We help people find much more affordable options of cover with companies that are a little bit more reliable than the direct insurers.  However all of that said, I do earn a side income from my blog that I don’t rely on, because then my blog would turn into work and with one job, three kids and a husband I don’t really want to take on another demanding job.  I choose the work I do on my blog on what fits for my and my readers.  The key that I’ve found in monetising my blog is to just keep doing what I love, consistently and well.  If a brand fits in with that then it’s the perfect match.
Being a busy mom, what is your secret- or share a few hacks- to balancing it all.
I learned early on that there is no such thing as perfectly balancing everything.  It’s an illusion that the media creates and we try and hold ourselves to.  But it’s not real.  What I have learned is that if you are doing one thing really well, there’s no doubt that you are doing something else really badly.  Spending lots of quality time with your husband?  Probably not giving your kids enough one on one time.  Nailing the kids food options?  Probably forgot to do homework three days in a row.  Or that’s my life at least.  So my trick to balancing it all is to give up on that notion and to just keep doing your best at whatever you can.
What is your number one time-saving tip for eating clean or exercise or overall wellness that you can share with us?
Eating clean is my thing more than like, moving my body.
So the main thing for me is to not have any tempting food in the house.
Don’t even buy it because then in a weak moment you can’t just grab it from the cupboard.  You’d have to actually get up, dressed and go to the store.  That’s enough to put me off.
When you are not blogging, what are you doing?
Taking my kids to school or extra murals, facilitating homework, making supper, working on the blog, working at work, packing the dishwasher, planning playdates, drinking coffee and a million other little things.
Why do you blog?
There’s lot of reasons but mainly to remember the fun adventures that we have as a family and to work through things that happen in our lives.  Like my son getting grommets.  Or keeping him back for a year.  Or my skin issues.  It helps to be able to write it all out and process it.
Please share a quote you live by
I don’t have one.  I don’t know why.  Oh, hang on.  The only quote that I can think of off hand that we have on the wall in our lounge is, “The best things in life aren’t things” and that’s pretty much how we live.  Relationships are key.
Also, tell us more about the road trip and homeschooling plan and how you plan to earn while traveling 🙂
In July we are going to be packing up our 3 bedroom home and moving into our 7.5m2 1978 Campervan.  We’re doing this so that we can travel around South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique with our family of five.  Like I say, relationships and experiences are our motivators for this trip and we are mostly excited and honestly a little terrified.  My husband is going to be doing the bulk of the homeschooling while I work remotely for my company.  We are very lucky that we are able to do this.
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