I am on a mission to showcase our boss blogger talent! It is with this in mind that I will be running a weekly series ‘ 5 minutes with a ‘boss’ blogger’, the idea is that they share their strories of entrepreneurship, fitness and parenting with you. Meet Natasha Kisten-Skuce of FitLikeMummy 

What is your blog about?

Fit Like Mummy is an unadulterated, no holds barred personal blog detailing how my weight loss journey transformed into a fitness journey and lifestyle change after losing 15kg in 10 months. I am a proudly curvy, potty-mouthed and tattooed mom to two gorgeous boys who are very much part of my journey. The blog is my honest take on my personal failures and successes, realistic approach to fitness and health with my kids, radical self-love and a platform where I share my healthy recipes.  Also share our many adventures as a family.  Fit Like Mummy encapsulates a life well lived by a bodacious, bad-ass mom who tackles life one day at a time with her sons.

Do you earn your living from blogging? If not, what do you do for a living?

Oh, how I absolutely wish that was the case.  I am however a qualified aircraft engineer who works full time at the South African Civil Aviation Authority, as an Airworthiness Inspector in the Consistency and Standardisation Department.  Lots of big words, but simply put we ensure that compliance, quality and safety standards in the Aviation industry are adhered to.

Being a busy mom, what is your secret or share a few hacks to balancing life with kids?

As a working, blogging mom on a fitness journey, I pride myself on living a balanced life and here’s how I get it all done: –

–          It’s all about prioritizing and scheduling

–          We share the load for chores around the house

–          No TV in the week

–          Strict bedtimes for the kids (20H30 for Sky and 21H00 for Ash)

–          We go to the shops once a week

–          I meal prep every Sunday

–          I have basic gym equipment to do home workouts for those days when I can’t make it to the gym1

–          I don’t bring work home

What is your number one time-saving tip for eating clean or exercise that you can share with us?

“My number one time-saving tip for clean eating is most definitely meal-prepping.  I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Meal Prep.”

#MealPrepSunday is an actual thing in our home.  I basically spend two hours every Sunday afternoon cooking my food for the week ahead. Meal prepping saves me time and money.  It removes all excuses and helps me stick to my eating plan.  I take it a step further and prepare several healthy snacks for my boys as well.  My meal preps are streamed live on Instagram for that period and I chat to my followers about new recipes I have developed and respond to any questions they may have.

  1. When you are not blogging, what are you doing?

I’m that mom who lives 30-hour days, so if I’m not blogging or working, then you will find me cooking and baking; working out or adventuring.  On weekends I do yoga and try my best to attend fitness events.  My usual mom duties take up the majority of my time and playing chauffeur to my boys should be a paying job.  I’m a firm believer in living every minute to the fullest, so rest isn’t something I do too well.

Why do you blog?

I started blogging to inspire women to live their best lives.  I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, so I understand the immense challenge this kind of journey can impose on one’s life.  It takes a village to maintain a sustainable lifestyle change and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is half the battle won.  I want to show women, (especially moms) that you can have it all and that it’s just a matter of prioritising.  Living to inspire brings me an immense amount of joy, but it also keeps me accountable in my journey.

Please share a quote you live by

The quote I live by is definitely

“Progress not perfection”.

 As women, we are generally exceptionally critical of ourselves.  This journey has however taught me to be kinder and more accepting of myself.  I have learned to celebrate the small victories along the way and that mindset has truly kept me motivated and on track.  It’s important to know that any progress, is ultimately a step in the right direction.

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