The first 1 000 days of running your own business are a little like raising a child: it needs to be nurtured, fed, mollycoddled and disciplined if it is to survive and grow.

No-one knows this more than Jess Mouneimne, a young entrepreneur and marketing agency owner plus mom-of-two.

Having established and run three successful SMEs, Jess has faced adversity, failure, betrayal and personal demons. But she has managed to beat them all and lived to tell the tale.

Being Boss is a community created through Jess’s first book of the same name aimed to offer support and guidance for young entrepreneurs facing the task of keeping their business going through the first 1000 days-and beyond.

This is not just another generic business site. Through the contributors to this community you will get personal experiences and stories, you will learn about establishing and running an SME specifically in the South African market.