I am in love with this bra guys!

Being a larger busted lady and sporty, finding a bra that offers the comfort and support I need to get me through the day and the sport that I do, has always been a challenge!

When I discovered Anita, I knew I needed to share this brand, not only with my training buddies but with all of you too!

I took a few of my training buds along to a fitting at Storm in a G Cup and found their approach so refreshing where fitting a bra for sport is concerned. All the ladies were surprised that they were wearing bra’s that were too small or too big!

Many sports bra options are available in stores, however, what makes the Anita Active rage stand out from the rest is its quality, function, fit and comfort!

Not only do the Anita Active sports bra range look and feel great, but they are perfectly tailored and designed to provide a new level of functionality. Each bra is developed with a variety of specific functions and activity levels in mind, offering the perfect bra for every need. High-quality fabrics and perfected workmanship make sure of a comfortable body climate and maximum support; even in large cup sizes. And the best part of all, these bras are available in cup sizes AA- H! 

The Anita Active dynamiX star sports bra won the international Red Dot Design Award.  

It’s front-adjustable strap system allows an “Easy On & Off” feature allow for quick dressing and undressing.

The straps, which run backwards into a generous X, allow for a wide opening and ensure comfort. The padded straps are located further from the neck to guarantee comfort and reduce weight on the shoulders.

The bra is made from breathable materials – for active “sweat management” enhancing a pleasant body climate.

It’s also sleek, and sexy looking with its sporty and dynamic design in two contrasting colours.

Another fun fact: for sport, it’s better to wear a bra that holds each breast independently because while training your boobs move independently of each other and need individual support to avoid pain, sagging and breast tissue tearing.

I can tell you now, that through the skipping, jumping, boxing and BJJ sparring, this  Anita bra has kept my tata’s tamed and supported and my posture has even improved while wearing it! I have not experienced any of the usual back and shoulder pains that commonly occur when wearing a bra AND for the first time ever I don’t need to ‘double bag’ (wear two bras) my boobs in order to jump 🙂

It is by far the most comfortable, functional and pretty bra I have ever worn!