I wrote a piece on how I lost 8kgs for my BJJ comp last week. Unfortunately, the event was moved to April last minute and so skinny me was left hangry and feeling like the process was all a waste- and worse, I would have to repeat it all again in two months time.

But when I was done sulking (and a chocolate shake and pizza later) I was able to reflect on what the lesson was through the weight cut journey. I came up with these three realizations:

  1. I did, in fact, value my health and wellness
  2. I loved the new energy levels I had thanks to eating so clean,
  3.  I had developed trust and confidence in my disciple to follow this avenue as a lifestyle rather than a crash diet.

So naturally, empowering women is my thing- and while this may be mostly in the business space, I realized I wanted to help women take back control over their health and wellness too! This wasn’t about the number on the scale or thinking that we needed to be skinny to be healthy and happy… this was about energy levels.

I have never felt more alive, had more patience for my kids, less cravings for sugar, booze, and drugs …hell, even coffee than I do right now and I want to share that love!

Caught up in that euphoric bubble, I posted a challenge to social media, looking for a handful of women keen to join a 6-week wellness program with me, for free.

Enter the #BossBodyChallenge (cos marketing)

The deal: I select seven ladies keen to get healthy (but with different goals) I coach them through an exercise and eating plan weekly and we provide support, motivation, and accountability for each other. This program is absolutely free and I am opening my gym, Pride Fighting Academy up for free training during the process as well. All workouts can be done remotely with only body weight as well.

My request to these ladies in exchange for the free program is, to be honest and diligent through the process and share the journey with all of you online too. My hope is that you as the reader will connect with one or two of their stories and this will inspire you to hop on the BossBody bandwagon too!

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All these ladies, just like you.. are leaders in their fields, work high pressured jobs, are busy women, with families and have limited time. If they can do this, so can you!

#BossBodyChallenge is not about the number on the scale, it’s about taking charge of your welness and learning to put the goodness back into your body that you dish out to the world, it’s about being  better!

Meet the Boss ladies:

Murischa Martheze

A marketing manager and mom of two, Murischa currently weighs 85kgs and aims to lose 5kgs in 6 weeks. She wants to tone her body and start eating better. She  wants a lifestyle change.

Anieka Ludik

Anieka is a 28-year old teacher and mom to a toddler boy. She is getting married in three months and wants to tone and build some muscle before then. Her number on the scale is not her issue, she eats pretty healthily and is active.

Shirley Bruwer

Shirley is a mom to two girls and is fast approaching 40. Shirley has a very demanding job and struggles to find time to eat throughout the day. She doesn’t exercise and enjoys her wine after work. Shirley would like to build muscle and reverse the effects of gravity on her body.

Nasheeta Khan

Nash is also a busy mom of two, currently weighing 70kgs.  Nash struggles to find time to exercise and with her demanding desk job, struggles to follow a clean eating lifestyle. Her goal is less about weight loss and more about firming up and losing tummy flab.

Lucinda Valentine

Lucinda is a busy social worker who struggles to find time to train but generally eats healthily. She gained 7 kgs last year and would like to lose that weight and make a permanent healthy lifestyle shift.

Cete Mbanga

Cete is a doctor with a very hectic traveling schedule. She eats out and from hotels, a lot and thus has less control over her meals. After breaking her ankle last year, Cete has gained 10 kgs due to not being able to run every day- something she really enjoys.  Cete is less concerned about the number on the scale but wants her fitness and health back.

Kat Van Duinen

Kat is a successful fashion designer with a demanding schedule. She is a mom of two. Kat has a personal trainer and a good exercise regime but struggles with her diet. She lost 10 kgs last year before getting married but has struggled to keep the weight off this year, due to poor diet.

Step one of this process was to ask each lady to keep a food diary for four days, which they are currently doing. Next week we start the training and eating plan!

You can follow their journey on social media using the hashtag #BossBodyChallenge