I started my company Jam Media after working at a number of agencies. I have had PR, marketing and digital marketing as my core focuses, but never at the same place. While there are agencies which refer to their offering as 360 degree solutions, there are far more which only focus on one core aspect of marketing or communications. The problem that I found at corporate level was that big brands would have multiple agencies involved in a campaign and, occasionally this could work to their detriment. I can recall the

I can recall the activation agency, the PR agency and the digital marketing agency all sitting around the table in a boardroom arguing about the best way forward on a campaign and with no progress.

With so many egos at a table, the brand’s essence is often lost and a breakdown of effective communication occurs; the agencies end up working on their own mini-campaigns on the side and the client suffers in the end.

Even more recently in my own company, we have found ourselves in situations where the client calls for collaboration between certain agencies for a project. Often, the result is what we call ‘inter-agency wars’. What follows are some very unproductive weeks, if you are lucky, but more often months can pass. Months of fighting and hours spent on typing e-mails trying to prove how ill- equipped the other agency is in dealing with the brand. The client suffers at the end of the day and very little real work gets done.

What I have described above is an extreme example of when there are too many cooks in the kitchen, but there are also times when there are not enough. Many companies become fixated on one stream of communication and only nurture this avenue. It may be social media or traditional PR and while it’s better than doing no marketing, the days of looking at marketing as linear or one-dimensional are long gone.

It is impossible to see the kinds of results needed to keep a business afloat in our current economy without going at marketing from all directions. We are so inundated with communication these days, for a brand to stand out a big noise really needs to be made and via multiple touch points. You customers need to connect with you through digital advertising, through you offering them added benefit such as content that helps or enriches their lives, extra bits of information that allow them begin trusting your source as one to be followed and needed. through endorsements and referrals, through experiencing you in action and through hearing from you regularly. Yes, it’s a tall order, but the businesses who make it are the visible and noisy ones.

In my book, I talk about this topic at length and I have created a free e-book that delves into this topic as well. The aim is to block out the noise and highlight the non-negotiable elements that you need to make your business stand out. Why not check it out here, it’s 100% free