Being a personal trainer has the same challenges as being any kind of coach or consultant. Your income is limited to how well you sell your time and for the most part, it is reliant on you physically being present in your sessions in order to make money.

While many people earn a very lucrative income as a personal trainer or coach, it does lack a certain amount of leverage.

My husband and I co-own a  mixed martial arts gym in Cape Town. He will be the first to tell you that in the early days of this business, he was the only trainer and so sick days went unpaid. He also discovered that another blessing and curse to the business was that because you forge such strong bonds with your trainer even if you have a team to stand in for you, many clients would opt to rather miss the session than train with someone new.

How do you go from that one-on-one scenario where you’re trading time for money, to building a leveraged business that’s built around products or your expertise? And is less focused on the one-on-one?

The answer is to go online!

Maybe you’re a personal trainer, a boot camp owner, or maybe you’re already training clients online. And you’re tired of doing the one-on-one. You want more leverage in your life.

You don’t need to look far to see examples like Kayla Itsines to see that filming videos and selling a training program online is the way to go!

Hundreds of thousands of women worldwide spend $19.99 a month on Itsines’ Bikini Body Training Guide program, keeping their own followers updated on their progress using the hashtag #bbg. Itsines and her partner Tobi Pearce created the workout and nutritional plan in 2014.

The 25-year-old millionaire oversees an empire that now includes paid ebooks, a stadium tour, hardcover bestsellers, and a hugely popular app. ‘Sweat With Kayla’ was the most-downloaded fitness app on both iOS and Google Play in 2016, according to analytics firm App Annie, raking in $17 million in revenues.

The trick is: 1. to give a certain amount of content away for free, 2: create a certain amount of content you can bill for and then 3: get people talking about the success they have found with your program.

Of course the world does not need another Kayla Itsiness and so it’s also vital that you figure out exactly what your niche is, who your target market is and then market the fuck out of that!

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