Hello from the crazy City of Dubai and happy New Year! Nobody quite knows how to throw a New Years Eve party like Dubai does! Here is a video of the world’s biggest laser show  from the Burj Khalifa at 12am:

If like me, you have spent some time reflecting on your year ahead and are hoping it will be yield certain results in business or your personal life, then you may want to take a little more time in reflection to ensure you actually stick to these new found goals this time?

I am not really one for making New Years Resolutions, mostly because I tend to repeat the same ones and never really feel like I truly achieve them. I think this is because we somehow treat our resolutions differently to out goals. Goals I can achieve, resolutions, not so much.

So what is the difference between the two? When we make a resolution, it tends to be a vague statement such as, “This year I am going to lose weight.” or “in 2018 I will focus on inner peace.”

A goal, on the other hand, is very specific with a time frame and some kind of measurement. “I will lose 5 kgs by 10 Mar,” for example. Now you have set a measurement and a deadline and mapping a feasible plan of action from there is a lot more manageable.

Here are four more tips to help you stay on track with your goals in 2018

1.Do it for 30 days straight:

You can make almost anything a new habit if you do it consecutively for 30 days. Whether its starting yoga, cutting sugar, running a marathon, learning a new language, they all need you to form a lasting habit that will stay with you for the greater part of 2018 before you will see any results. Form that new habit by practicing it every day for 30 days- You can start off slow of course and pick up momentum as you go.

2.  Make it easy for yourself:

A recent study showed that people who travelled 8km to the gym went once a month, whereas people who travelled 6km went five or more times a month. That 2km makes the difference between having a good exercise habit and not. That is how our habitual mind works – it has to be easy!

The biggest obstacle to new habits is self-criticism. Study after study shows that self-criticism is correlated with less motivation and worse self-control, in contrast with being kind or supportive to yourself, as you would to a friend – especially when confronted with failure.

4. Keep track

Use apps, a diary or a chart to track your progress. People who monitor behavior tend to do a better job, even if they’re not actively trying to change.