As the last sunset of 2017 dipped behind the ocean on Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, I turned to my husband and mentioned two things I was aiming for in 2018.

  1. I really wanted to save for a trip to Morocco, just the two of us
  2. I really wanted to compete in BJJ internationally

I am a believer in the laws of attraction, but I don’t consciously visualize and set intentions. The subconscious mind is powerful enough, however!

You have already guessed that both these wishes have come true, right? The fact that it wasn’t two weeks later while researching competitions in Asia to save up for that I got the call, still blows my mind! I had been chosen (admittedly as a bit of a wildcard) to represent South Africa at the Africa Arab Jiu-Jitsu Championship in Morocco!

The thing with setting intentions is that they often show up for you- and you in return HAVE to show up for them. This particular dream come true was not exactly how I envisioned it…It is less than a month away and I have to cut a lot of weight to make my category, it means being away from my family for a week and it involves spending money I have not budgeted for, just after a pretty expensive but much-needed family vacation.

Yet here we are with this awesome, once in a lifetime opportunity, one that I will regret should I say no to it. So we make it work! We embrace it with open arms and we make it work! This is probably where I should add that I recently read “Year of the Yes” by Shonda Rhimes and subconsciously since (I do a lot without really paying attention it seems), I have been saying ‘yes’ to a lot more things I would usually give a quick ‘no’ too.

I have three weeks to train my butt off (literally because I need to lose 6 kgs for this competition), raise the funds needed for the airfare and organize my life in such a way that I have kids and a husband when I return- Totally doable right!?

*Your love and support is so needed!*

-Stay tuned to the blog for updates on diet, training, travel, and fundraising ..speaking of is my Backabuddy page if you want to help support this process: