Three weeks ago I put an offer out to the Being Boss community to join my six-week #BossBodyChallenge at no charge. I was and still am passionate about inspiring and motivating women in achieving their goals, whether they be business, personal or fitness.

The interest was overwhelming but in the end, I selected six women and created a whatsap group. These women did not need to be nearby or even in the country but had to commit to logging their meals daily on MyFitnessPal, doing the 8-minute exercise video provided, walking/ running 5kms 2-3 times per week and following the eating plan as best as possible. We would weight in weekly and provide support for each other on the group.

The most interesting that I have learned so far through this process is that I take for granted the understanding I have for nutrition and being active. A number of the ladies in the group were not aware of just how much sugar and carbs they were consuming in things like smoothies, wine, and fizzy drinks and many were not aware of how important  things like eating  at the right time, cutting carbs from your  night meal, cutting out white carbs completely were to weight loss.

Making small changes to the diet by seeing what they were eating and altering these things, made such a difference. Quite a few ladies were undereating and then filling up on bad carbs at the wrong time.

Another big learning for the ladies who were not active at all was how little exercise is actually needed in order to start seeing a change in the body. The key is consistency and not volume.

You can literally starve yoursef fat, people!

Read more about that here. 

You can check out the eating plan and videos of the exercises provided

So what have these awesome women achieved half way through the challenge?

“I am my worst enemy. Sometimes I punish myself by eating crap because it makes me feel in control for 5 minutes and then utterly disgusted afterward. Being a part of a group…where women much skinnier and lighter than me.. are challenging themselves to eat better, live better…is inspiring. It’s my accountability…I can stick to the plan, and if I succumb to that 1teaspoonn of sugar, I work out for 16mins. I am a better and stronger than this weakness. So my motivation this week is to take control again…the 2kgs I lost needs to become 5kgs and can become 10kgs if I focus. 3 more weeks to go!” –Murischa Marteze

“In a nutshell it has been the toughest week due to capacity meltdown. I was going hard till Wednesday but then I over did it Tuesday morning on my obsession with getting my walk into 50min then my walking partner bailed Wednesday and Thursday morning so I didn’t walk… I am so frustrated that the weight is not shifting fast enough and I ate badly this week about three times. App went right out the window this week. So I’m optimistic I can pull things back to normal from tomorrow and hopefully weigh in the 54kg mark on Monday morning “- Lucinda Valentine

“Week 3 nearly complete and I feel a whole lot better than actually ever before! I feel fitter and more energized and never hungry! I can feel the difference in my body this week. The workouts are still killer and hurt my muscles, but no pain no gain! I’m feeling healthy, less moody ( prob due to no sugar rush and crush) I am on a high this week and am looking forward to the 2nd half of this #bossbodychallenge! So far I’ve lost 2,8 kgs!”-Anieka Ludik