New author and seasoned entrepreneur and media/marketing expert, Jess Mouneimne has published a quirky business book, ‘Being Boss’ which is available to purchase from and Loot.

The book invites you to tackle the first 1 000 day of running your own business. Having run and established 3 successful SME’s, Jess has faced adversity, failure and betrayal. But, Jess has managed to tackle them all. Being a keen boxer, Jess knows just how to roll with the punches and tackle anything that should stand in her way to becoming successful.

“Jess refers to the pace of change in her book and the need for business owners to be agile.   These lessons which it took me two and a half decades to learn, Jess has mastered in a mere three years – the 1 000 days of the book’s sub-title,” says Marcus Brewster – Founder of marcusbrewster PR Agency.

If you have your own small or medium enterprise, or if you are thinking about starting a new venture of this kind, then you need to read this book.

In her own inimitable, humorous way, Jess offers practical advice on:

  • How to survive as an entrepreneur
  • Personal branding
  • Selling yourself and your company
  • Building social capital
  • Finding strategic partners
  • Establishing your dream team
  • How to work ON your business and not IN it

“Jess draws the lessons in this book from her own triumphs and failures authentically and fearlessly. As a passionate boxer and seasoned entrepreneur, I appreciate how Being Boss so aptly draws parallels between boxing and business,” said Siv Ngesi

This is not just another ordinary business book. Through Jess’s personal experience and stories, you will learn about establishing and running an SME specifically in the South African market. Just like the wealth of this country, the content of the book is gold-dust – it’s worth sifting through to find the invaluable nuggets that will enable you to find personal wealth and professional success.

“Being Boss” will teach you how to be the head of your own company without going insane or broke in the process.