The WomXn Talk events kick off in a few short weeks as does Women’s Month. This is a month we often dedicate to uplifting the profile of women as leaders. I asked some of the experts on the speaking panel for the WomXn Talk events what good leadership meant to them.

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Sophia Ritcher is the Founder and Director of Section Thirty Five Consolidated Legal Services, which provides start-ups and SMMEs with an accessible platform for comprehensive business-related legal services.

Good leadership is understanding every aspect of your role and the roles of your team members, being a good role model by, for example, knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and acting on same. It is essential to know what your team needs and how to motivate them by, for example, setting goals and having good communication.


Beauty Balangile is a serial entrepreneur and founder of the Audacious Women’s network





I always say that good leadership always start with yourself. Being respectful to your team and being able to communicate to your team. People learn from your actions more than what you say.



Andy Golding is an employee experience specialist and the founder of Strive:

It means that you know how to access the people around you, access their superpowers and their greatest talents.




Cete Tshume is a medical doctor






Leadership or being a good leader means to me being able to inspire others to do better and be the best they can be. Be able to be part of a team and being able to delegate responsibility to the best person suited for a role. Encouraging people when they need it most and importantly ensuring a creative and happy environment that others are willing to be a part of, the kind of work environment you wake up looking forward to being a part of.